Vladimir Maslo
Vladimir Maslo

Hi, my name is Vladimir

I'm a Principal Full-Stack Engineer and Architect with over 20 years experience building enterprise applications and services for Healthcare, Cybersecurity and Marketing Industries.
Passionate and eager to learn new tech, focusing on customer experience and value delivery to ensure a competitive advantage for the business.

What I Do

Technical Leadership

Technical Leadership

Having extensive experience leading teams in various capacities, I have found that the following actions consistently yield positive outcomes, fostering productivity and success:

  • Foster Communication and Eliminate Silos
  • Empowering Teams
  • Leading by Example
  • Embrace Education, Training, Skill Development
  • Iterative Approach and Continuous Improvement

You can count on me to adapt these strategies and motivate peers to do the same.

Application Development

Application Development

With over 20 years of experience in software product development, I remain actively engaged in coding, contributing to projects, and staying abreast of new techniques through coaching, training, and peer learning.

My expertise spans the Backend, Frontend, and DevOps domains, which allows me to consider Engineering needs in conversations with Product Managers and Designers to reach viable solutions while maintaining focus on Product Value.

Professional Experience

Software Engineering Technical Leader @ Cisco

May 2022 - Present

Upon joining Kenna Security (Part of Cisco), I led the building and maintaining customer-facing products used in high-load environments worldwide, being part of the Cisco Security Portfolio offering. Directly involved as a technical leader and engineer in multiple projects, coaching and guiding a team of highly skilled engineers improving UX, streamlining development workflows and boosting performance. Working closely with Product and Engineering Managers to maintain focus on value delivery. I led the technical implementation of wide-scale rebranding to Cisco Vulnerability Management, releasing it successfully to the public. Introduced team to Cisco unified design system and started Magnetic adoption initiative in collaboration with the Design team. Received Cisco recognition awards from colleagues for work on the Node.js platform, Rebranding, and Design collaborations.

Major projects:

  • Working on the Front-end side of client-facing metric visualization products. Built new offerings within a product and improved performance in collaboration with Back-end and Data Engineers. Maintained visual integrity and UX in collaboration with the Design team while aligning with business and organization goals in communication with Product and Engineering Managers.
    ReactTypeScriptFunctional ProgrammingD3MicroservicesREST APIElasticAWSPostgreSQLKubernetes
  • I led the implementation of the product rebranding required after the acquisition, created a technical roadmap, and maintained TRD to provide transparency and ensure successful delivery within the promised timeframe without blocking simultaneous releases of new features by other teams. Worked in collaboration with the Product and Engineering Managers, Front- and Back-end developers, guiding them through the process all the way to successfully release to the public.
    ReactTypeScriptRuby on Rails
  • Taking the initiative in adopting Cisco’s unified design system called Magnetic, introducing and coaching the team on adopting the design token concept to the Vulnerability Management line of products in the early stage to align design with the Cisco Security Portfolio.
    ReactTypeScriptDesign TokensNodeJSFigma
  • Advocating for using a micro-frontend approach to decouple legacy JavaScript parts of the product into micro React applications. Researching the topic, proposing and choosing a stack, and building a pilot project with an agile team based on the monorepo architecture with Nx build system, Next.js framework, and Magnetic design.
    Micro Frontend ArchitectureNxReactNextJSTypeScriptFunctional ProgrammingREST APIAWSKubernetes
  • Participating in a small but intense 3-day hackathon organized by Cisco to find ways to produce value for customers leveraging AI instruments within an existing line of products. The results were met with applause within the organization and request to productize a solution in the near future. (OpenAI, ChatGPT, Prompt Engineering, Azure, Python, Typescript)
    ReactTypeScriptOpenAIChatGPTPrompt EngineeringPythonAzure

Senior Staff Engineer @ NextGen Healthcare (Rochester, NY)

Jan 2022 - Apr 2022

Leading a team in transitioning SaaS healthcare application from Angular to Vue.js. Improving development processes, defining, training, and adopting best practices in code and UX/UI. Outlining plan to adopt better visualization instruments powered by D3 libraries to improve communication of critical metrics to clients, improving UX.

VueAngularD3Material DesignMicroservicesPythonJavaAuroraMySQLPostgreSQL

Principal Engineer and Architect @ WRS Health (Goshen, NY)

Jan 2014 - Jan 2022

Leading a team in designing and architecting migration of SaaS healthcare products to a high-performing and scalable micro-services and micro-frontend architecture. Improving development processes and adopting best practices to provide secure and reliable solutions crucial for the healthcare industry. Participating in the entire development life cycle, from concept to release. Optimizing development cycles following Agile methodology and Scrum approach, solving communication problems between development team and project’s stakeholders, identifying and compartmentalizing risks to improve overall stability and efficiency of the system.

Major projects:

  • Leading the design and development of public/patient facing progressive web application, simplifying ease of use for the end-user starting from authentication and all the way to routine of entering information not compromising on security and privacy of PHI. Start adoption of Storybook as Design System and componentizing apps with React.
    ReactTypeScriptJavaScriptFunctional ProgrammingGraphQLREST API
  • Leading the design, development, and delivery of cross-platform Telehealth solution (PWA/Web, iOS, Android), becoming the primary communication way between a healthcare provider and patient in a COVID era.
    ReactReact NativeJavaScriptPHPREST API
  • Leading the adoption of Domain Driven Design (DDD) principles, practicing Event Storming. Building multiple micro-services following hexagonal architecture and DDD concepts.
  • Created and launched services that automatically post insurance payments from Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) messages into EHR billing system. Designed and built tools to view and report on auto post results. Tracking metrics to constantly improve performance and deliver better experience to the end-user. Built lean and high performance API to securely handle X12 EDI transactions following HIPPA compliance.
  • Leading development of appointment scheduling system for EHR application, going through multiple development life cycles; from concept and prototyping to proof of concept model, from MVP demonstration to canary releases and final migration from older scheduling system to brand new. Making architectural software decisions for back-end and front-end development.
  • Created and launched patient eligibility verification service that is being used throughout multiple modules of EHR application. Implemented using set of micro services communicating between each other and 3-rd party APIs, providing high performance and “instant response” feeling to the end user. Being used in high traffic areas and taking advantage of in-memory caching via Redis and Memcached.
  • Played a key role in planning development and implementation of the measures required for EHR application to maintain certifications such as MU, MIPS, MACRA through the years to deliver high industry standards to clients and provide competitive advantage for the company's products on the market.

Lead Full-Stack Engineer @ Waiting Room Solutions (Goshen, NY)

May 2008 - Jan 2014

Leading a team in architecting, designing, developing, testing and deploying services for SaaS healthcare applications.

Major projects:

  • Built HIPAA compliant services to integrate with third-party healthcare service providers to exchange with PHI (Patient Health Information) transactions and messages (X12, HL7, 837, 835, 270, 271, ADT, DFT, etc.) implemented by following EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) specifications and standards.
  • Led development of Reporting Tools for Accounting and Billing modules of the EHR application. Managed individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables. Worked closely with project's stakeholders to define requirements and use cases. Designed and managed development of the tools to normalize and process big data sets in purpose to deliver reports and analytical instruments to the end-user.
  • Implemented 5010 HIPPA electronic transaction standard into EMR application to maintain compliance with government regulations. Redesigned and refactored older code base in order to increase reliability and transparency of the system. Introduced and implemented interface changes to electronic claim form's related modules to improve end-user experience.
  • Integrated payment processing API into EMR application, implemented tools to provide integration flexibility to clients depending on their needs and workflow.

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Frontend Skills

React, NextJS, PWA, Redux
TypeScript, JavaScript, ES6, Functional Programming
Vue, Angular
Micro Frontend Architecture, Nx, Webpack
React Native, Firebase, GraphQL
UX/UI, Rapid Prototyping, SASS, LESS
Material Design, BootstrapJS, jQuery
Figma, Design Tokens, D3

Backend Skills

Python, Flask, FastAPI, Pandas, NumPy
NodeJS, Express
PHP, Laravel, Lumen, Symfony
Microservices, OOP, SOA, MVC, DDD, REST API
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elastic, Sinatra
OpenAI, Prompt Engineering, ChatGPT
Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Kotlin
Go, Rust

DevOps Skills

RDMS, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Docker, CircleCI, Github, Jenkins
Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible
AWS, Cognito, CloudFront, Aurora, DynamoDB
Nginx, Apache, lighttpd
Redis, memcached

Organizational Skills

Agile, Scrum, Continuous Improvement
Team Player, Communication
Problem Solving, Decision Making
Coaching, Training, Delegation
Team Leadership, Team Empowerment
Conflict Resolution, Time Management
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