Vladimir Maslo

Hi, my name is Vladimir

I'm a Staff Software Engineer with over 20 years of experience building enterprise applications and services for Cybersecurity, Healthcare, and Observability domains.

I work with Product and Design Teams to build technical solutions for exceptional User Experiences and guide the engineering teams toward implementation.

What I Do

Technical Leadership
Technical Leadership

Having extensive experience leading teams in various capacities, I have found that the following actions consistently yield great results, fostering productivity and success:

  • Foster Communication and Eliminate Silos
  • Empowering Teams
  • Leading by Example
  • Embrace Education, Training, Skill Development
  • Iterative Approach and Continuous Improvement

You can count on me to adapt these strategies and motivate peers to do the same.

Frontend Architecture and Development
Frontend Architecture and Development

With over 10 years of experience in Frontend development, I remain actively engaged in coding, contributing to projects, and staying abreast of new techniques through coaching, training, and peer learning.

My expertise spans across traditional Enterprise Web Applications, PWAs, Hybrid and React Native Applications.

I have extensive knowledge in Design Systems and Component Libraries. I have built proprietary UI Libraries and used popular libraries like MUI, NextUI, Tailwind UI, Ant Design, Charkra UI.

I have encouraged and trained teams to follow best practices, improve DX, leverage Design Tokens, and apply Atomic Design principles.

Check out my guide where I'm trying to keep track of all modern Frontend techniques, libraries, and tools.

Frontend Architecture Guide


Systems Architecture
Systems Architecture

Throughout my career, I have faced many architectural and engineering challenges, helping teams and organizations migrate systems to Microservices and SOA.

I have facilitated Event Storming sessions while practicing Domain Driven Design and was a frequent participant in Product Discovery sessions with Product and Design Teams.

Rebuilding Monolithic Application, using Domain Driven Design techniques.

Migrating legacy Monolithic architecture to microservices, leveraging DDD, Hexagonal, and Onion architectural patterns.

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